Moving to IaaS

IaaS has been a buzzword in the tech world for quite some time now. Some may know it straight off the bat. Others, don’t.

This post is for the masses out there that have little or no knowledge of IaaS.

IaaS stands for Infrastructure as a Service. Please note that we are talking about IT infrastructure here – as in, servers. Now what the heck does that suppose to mean? To understand this, let’s go back to how things all started.

Since the invention of corporate IT servers, these equipment are hosted in-house by organizations. The host organization has to procure the servers, train staff to look after it, allocate additional resources to maintain it, such as a good space with good air ventilation and cooling systems, stable power etc. All these comes at a very high price tag.

Unfortunately, not all organizations have the budget to host such infrastructure in house and this creates an opportunity for entities with large data centers to sell sections of their servers to the public. Some well known providers are AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and many others.

This makes it cheaper for organizations with limited budget to only subscribe to the required level of infrastructure they need for their business needs – aka, how many servers they can use.

The business model of pay-as-you-use has been very effective that sees many organizations around the world jump on to use IaaS, including some of the well-known online giants such as NetFlix.

It is therefore my recommendation that small to medium sized organizations that have no enough budget to run their own in-house infrastructure to jump on IaaS.

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