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Every remote work and online collaborations nowadays involves a lot of video conferencing.

Here is an interesting fact about video conferencing from the SaaS provider Lifesize:

Video conference technology dates back to the audio wires of the 1870s and Bell Lab’s video phone in 1927, which has adapted and evolved into the modern video conference of today.

That article goes into great detail about the history of video conferencing, milestone after milestone up to date.

Lately, video conferencing has seen a spike in usage as the world locks down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. People are literally forced to work from their homes.

The need to work remotely does not however undermine the need to collaborate. In the end, collaboration is vital for any corporate team work. Effective collaboration requires the use of so many mediums such as email, phone calls and lately – video conferencing.

There are so many platforms that offer video conferencing services, but the most notable one is Zoom. As of the beginning of the pandemic, when the word ‘zoom’ is mentioned, the thought of having a video conference pops to mind.

The other services out there; Google Meeting, Microsoft Teams, GoToMeeting, Cisco Webex, Skype and many more, are different services aimed at the same thing – video conferencing.

This technology brings people in different locations into one virtual space where a communications can happen; meetings held, decisions made and deals closed. Video conferencing is an effective tool for business.

Whenever you need to do business during this pandemic, or because of the lack of travel, video conferencing will always be your best tool to use.

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